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Furball: A JavaScript Minigame

Hey guys! Since I was in between stuffs, I have little to no time to write blogs lately. But fear not. Because today I present to you: Furball the game! In this (very bizzare) game, you control a species called Furball. Eat carrots to procreate. Eat all carrots to win!

You are not possible to play Furball Sheep unless you get a better browser :(



You can fling furballs across water and spikes by using another furball’s corpse as a trebuchet.

It’s kinda funny to figure things out on your own. But if you want help anyway, here’s some:

Help (spoilers)
  • The carrots within Furball's stomach will carry over levels. If you want to generate more Furballs, you can kill the very first one. However, the carrots bursting from their stomach will only get more and more, and you can ONLY advance the level by eating ALL carrots within the level.
  • Sometimes, it's beneficial to sacrifice a newborn Furball, since there's no carrots in its stomach.
  • Sometimes, you literally have to think outside of the box.
  • Later in the game you will encounter spinning whirl of death and it is strongly advised that you avoid those.
  • I have not thoroughly playtested the game but THEORETICALLY, all levels are winnable. Being made ages ago however, there is no level design within and the levels are insanely hard. Let me know if you win!
  • In order to win some levels, you literally have to cheese it. Or use glitches.

Good luck!

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