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Of Shaders & Triangles (OSAT): Trailer

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It’s 2023. Let’s do some graphics!

As stated in my portfolio?, I am a postgrad student currently studying computer graphics (and a little bit of distributed systems) in Guangzhou University. Beautiful school, huge, etc.

I was writing a lot before - then, for whatever reason, I stopped. But not this time again! This time I am going to write. Every week, some piece of computer graphics related knowledge will be dumped from my brain, into this tiny little blogging site. There will be much to discuss!

  • Rasterization tricks
  • Shadow mapping
  • Vector field visualization
  • Noise functions
  • The Rendering Equation
  • Ray tracing, of course!
  • Ray marching as well!
  • Other graphics posts from all over the place
  • Grass rendering?!
  • Snowman!
  • Water?!

I also plan to jot down thoughts about all kinds of graphics books, courses, etc. I will provide links & references to those posts as well, such as the Graphics Codex (which is free now, and is a great ref book) and the PBRT book (also available for free online but I think its code is a little bit complex). I hope you can embark on this fun journey with me as well, random internet stranger! Have a lot of fun!

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