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Of Shaders & Triangles is Now One Year Old!

The OSAT cake.

OSAT has officially turned one year old today. Just absolutely incredible. I did not anticipate this blog to reach this old; in fact, I thought I would’ve abandon it at like June or something. But it somehow persevered! Though update schedules have become unstable, we’re still posting. And hey, that’s really all we need.

Anyway, new year, new us. Maybe I’ll update the look & feel of the blog, clean it up a bit. The current look is kind of retro, but maybe I’ll make the interface more minimal so that the UI elements are less distracting (I designed & wrote the CSS myself! :). Other than that, not much will change in 2024 for the blog. I will continue writing new stuffs to you guys. Writing is enjoyable, and getting responses from you guys moreso. And now, a list of what I’ll be writing this year:

  • More Gaussian Splatting!
  • Instancing grass
  • Quaternions
  • Glass
  • Water?
  • Global illumination?
  • Unreal Engine stuffs??
  • Noita??? (I’ve been playing it recently and it’s such a cool game)

Well, that’s something. Hopefully we will cover all of them in ‘24! And hey, if you want to write about CG-related stuffs, I will happily share this platform with you. It may not be the best platform, but according to Google, our blog has at least 7 clicks a day (wow!). Crazy, I know. Plus, I don’t mind some guest articles. It doesn’t have to be convoluted, so long as it’s computer graphic-y things. Contact me here.

That’s all for now. For all my readers, take care, and you have a fantastic year.

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