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Of Shaders & Triangles: Blog Update

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Since I have made up my mind to submit a new blog post every Saturday this year, I have since posted exactly 42 blog posts. It’s not the number I have intended to reach (in fact, I didn’t think I’d make it past 5~6 weeks); and it feels magical. But from now on, this blog will no longer receive reguar updates. The reason? I have landed on a job. It’s the first computer graphics job I’ve ever gotten, and although it’s more frontend-y, so to speak, it also fullfills my desire to work in computer graphics-related fields. As I can’t really balance between my graduation paper, the new job, and my passion baby project, I suppose one of them have to go.

Looking back, we have set sail on so many different journeys. Every week is a different adventure. We took a sneak peak at the highs and lows, the basics and advanced topics of computer graphics (and something else): from framebuffers to raymarching, from dithering to ReSTIR. Alright, sometimes I got lazy, and I just reuse the old ones - but hey, it counts anyway.

To all my subscribed readers, friends, and random internet strangers: thank you for reading my blog. I know, it didn’t reach one year, and I am kinda sad about that - but nevertheless, I am honored to have you here. And worry not - I didn’t say I will stop updating it entirely, just that it will no longer receive regular updates. Every once in a while, when the strong urge to share arises again, this blog shall always receive new blog posts. Maybe I will even share new things encountered while I was working my job. And until then, I will see you all later.

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